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CO2 Dosing Units


Promote growth in your greenhouses. Opt for the CO2 dosing units supplied by  Van Dijk heating.

Van Dijk heating has been supplying high-quality CO2 dosing units for use in horticulture under glass since 1980. As you will see from the chart above, an increased concentration of CO2 in the cultivation area promotes growth. Naturally, this results in the achievement of a higher yield. Because of this, it is impossible to imagine a modern greenhouse horticulture industry without a system in which CO2 is dosed via boilers or a combined heat and power system.

A high percentage of CO2 is present in the moist flue gases in gas-fired equipment. By dosing these gases in a controlled manner in the cultivation area, the CO2 is used as a fertilizer. Van Dijk heating only uses high-quality materials for its dosing units. The ventilators are fitted with a plastic casing with a stainless steel fan. The motor and valve supports are made from stainless steel too. We are pleased to be able to offer you a sophisticated design and also guarantee reliable operation and a long working life.

The CO2 dosing units are available in different models. For example, you could opt for a unit with stop valves for connection to the flue gas channel or one that makes it possible to blend in air too. Because of their modular construction, a custom-made solution is possible for virtually every system. The standard models are available with power consumption of up to and including 37 kW. Naturally, our CO2 dosing units can be used anywhere in the world. Do you need a 60 Hz model or a different electric voltage? Do you have special wishes or requirements? Van Dijk heating can supply you with the ideal dosing units for your needs.

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