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- Self Propelled Sprayer



Self propelled sprayer, 2000 L, high-tech, low profile, compact, more powerful, more complete and more very drive comfortable. The Self Propelled Air Sprayer: AGILE, POWERFUL and SAFE. No comparison worldwide!

VM-Detroit diesel Industrial D754 TE3-4-Cyl. Turbo intercooler, liquid-cooled, 95 hp (70 kW)
Anti-twist cage structure. Fully hot dip galvanized with rubber mounts interface the for vibration free cab.
  • Totally round Bow, Hemispheric Keel. Great front and side visibility. Front and Side wipers. 
  • The cabin has its own spring suspension.
  • Elevating Cab up to 21 cm. instant control from the dashboard.
AIR CONDITIONING. With Charcoal filter, replaceable in 1 min. 
Touch screen dashboard: 4 Monitors to control Engine, Steering, spraying, and Lights.
  • Incomparable riding comfort on any terrain.
  • Chassis Suspension: Parabolic leaf springs on both axles.
  • Cab suspension. On forklift roller guides and on a parabolic leaf spring.
  • Suspension of driver's seat: Rubber pads.
Lighthouses of great power. Built in.
  • Pullout Lights Front and Rear.
  • Totally adjustable.
  • For night spraying 
COMBINED TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic + Mechanical.
GEARBOX 2 speeds. With continuous variation from 0 to 9 km/h (operational) and from 8 to 36 km/h (transfer)
THREE Steering Modes:
  • Front steering only: for on public road driving.
  • Front and Rear steering: For use in the field,
  • Side Steering (crab): For use in the field, for immediate release and without damage to crops in the event of sliding against a trees' row.
  • Minimum TURNING RADIUS: 1.4 m (inside). The machine runs in the spaces in between and closer rows.
TIRES 31- 15.5 / 15
TANK capacity: 2000 (2100) litres, Polyethylene, fully smooth also inside.
THREE Tank Content indicator: In Cab, on Left side and on the Right side
FLUSHING Plant for spray circuit: with 90 litres tank.
Hand washing TANK, 37 litres
TIFONE SPRAY PUMP: TEA-110, 50 bar, 3 diaphragms, bronze connecting rods, heads and outlet fittings in brass. Other models up to 200 litres / min
Integrated Pressure 'Autofilter': automatic continuous-self-flushing. Always free... Never, Never to be cleaned!
TRIPLE MIXTURE MIXING: Jet-Mixer, Dual-Mixer and a Pressurized jet.
VACUUM PROBE 'F2': instant dosing of pesticides with no contact of operator.

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