- Model I-1100 (RTS) - Blade Mount Coulter



Celebrating a decade of improving soil productivity the patented I-1100 RTS uses the Coil-Tech CoulterTM to carry indepently mounted blades that have up to 6” vertical travel and are able to move around obstacles. Unlike disc gangs that have difficulty following ground contours or are forced to leave the ground when one blade contacts an obstacle, the RTS’s independently mounted coulters follow changes in terrain and each coulter faces obstructions on its own. The Independent series has industry

conditions, with little to no soil moisture and residue limitations. The the Coil-Tech CoulterTM system thrives on the high operating speeds of the RTS. Positive coulter vibration works the ground like a jack hammer fracturing the soil around and below the operating depth of these unique machines .  Independent series tools manage residue and soil density to improve soils moisture storage capacity, to build soil organic mater and to hold onto value nutrients N,P, and K

Fall Applications:

  • Residue management prior to primary tillage
  • Cut and condition residue to assist with insect and disease habitat destruction
  • Leveling & distribution of crop residue
  • Speed up the decay of crop residue by allowing increased microbial activity
  • Help balance the Nitrogen/carbon levels in soil
  • Assist in the management of cover crops
  • Seeding cover crops and winter cereals
  • Mixing of manure and fertilizers

Spring Applications:

  • Evaporate excess soil moisture and increase the rate of soil warming to allow for earlier planting
  • Break up any soil crusting to release excess soil moisture without disturbing the wet soil below
  • Loosen seedbed to improve seed to soil contact and improve germination and promote rapid early plant growth
  • Shatter crust formed after planting and improve seedbed after planting
  • Assist with incorporating fertilizer, manure and seed
  • Improve weed control through rapid uniform germination of weed seeds
  • Uniformly distribute and size residues to improve seeding equipment performance

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