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- Cut Fibre


Coir cut fibre includes regular coir fibre. It's used like a part in planting substrates and it is an environmental friendly choice to peat moss. Coir cut fibre considerably enhances the capillary act from the substrate and subsequently boosts the water storing ability. The mainstream of plants advantages in the adding together of coir cut fibre towards the growing medium.

Better overall development of the plant because of the well-balanced humidity from the substrate. In outside cultivation wind and sun make the substrate to dry up. This really is reduced through the enhanced capillary action.

General growth is based on the fast water absorption of coir cut fibre. Therefore coir cut fibre can also be appropriate to be used in outside substrates.

Coir cut fibre is provided in bales of approximately 125 kg (Standard size). Substrates usually contain roughly 15% of Coco peat.

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