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Coir water logs are utilized in controlling alterations in stream flow pace, for determining channels, stabilizing shores or like a natural planting medium for plant life. This prevent the gesticulate force from deteriorating a lot of bank. Coir water logs are constructed with 100% coir (coconut fibre) and bound with a coir netting or synthetic netting lasting four to ten years and it has a higher tensile strength. They may be easily installed, connected one to another and with time will mix together naturally in to the aquatic environment.

Coir water logs are set up in the mean annual water level and glued with wooden stakes. Appropriate plants from the shoreline or reeds zones could be placed into the top end from the coir water log. Installing the Coco logs could be completed at any season. Sediment deposited around Coir water logs offers an excellent expansion medium for plants. Because the coir water logs bio-degrades, the plants create a well-established root system within the shoreline sediment to support the soil in position.

You will find different applications for coir water logs. They are utilized on stream banks and also on ocean and lake shores for manipulating the sand slide. a different application is by using them for that manage of sand drifts in deserts.

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