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- Cold Finished Steel Bar


Cold finished steel bars are an entire family of products that meet the standards in ASTM A108. Corey makes the product using numerous processes to meet the attributes of an engineered bar product and particular needs of our customers.


Inline and Offline Magnetic Testing of Cold Drawn Steel Bars

Corey can test bars magnetically for surface defects. Commonly called eddy current testing, this test looks for surface defects at a prescribed depth by creating a magnetic field which is broken and measurable by surface defects. Corey can perform this test both during the drawing process and offline if needed.

Turned/Ground/Polished Steel Bars

While cold drawing is the most widely used method of making cold finished steel bars, the same or better attributes can be achieved by turning or grinding the material. The turning process can begin with either a hot rolled or cold drawn bar while a ground bar uses a cold drawn bar as feed stock. Depending upon the application of the finished product, many different combinations of diameter tolerances can be achieved.

Corey has both a turning center and a grinding facility giving the company the complete combination of processes necessary to produce a cold finished steel bar meeting our customers’ requirements. (More detail on these products can be found in our ground & polished or turned & polished pages.)


Inventory-What You Need, When You Need It

Corey has not forgotten that its roots come from the distribution end of the steel products business. We believe that maintaining a sizable amount of inventory of cold drawn bars gives our company the flexibility to balance the production side of our business with our customers’ requirements. Our inventory holds the sizes and grades that support our current sales and our sophisticated inventory optimization program changes that profile as our customers and their requirements change.

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