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coloQuick is a complete system, which utilizes simple and to provide all calves with the best possible start in life. Logical Routines
Every single part of the coloQuick system has been purpose-built based upon test results and feedback from hundreds of milk producers. It's all inclusive.        i

The Colostrum Bag
The colostrum bag is specially designed for storing 1 litres. The large surface enables a quick and efficient    the colostrum, thawing.    with    a capacity of up to 4.  The material is eco-friendly and food approved. The colostrum bag is for hygiene reasons disposable                   

The cartridge
The cartridge is designed for keeping and handling the colostrum bag.

The inner structure ensures a quick and gentle thawing of the colostrum in the water bath. The cartridge is made from high-quality special-plastic, which withstands freezing and heating. and is easy to clean.

The water bath (thawing and/or pasteurisation)
kmkounsiani ruiauun 01 me uaimuyes anu ine cuiusiruin uays in ine nui water  resuiis in a yenue and quick heating. Thus, the colostrum is ready to be fed in less than 20 minutes. The unit is available as 4 models:

  • coloQuick Thaw:Basic thawing model
  • coloQuick Pasteur II:Thawing and pasteurisation with room for 2 cartridges
  • coloQuick MAXX 4:Thawing and pasteunsation with room for 4 cartridges
  • coloQuick MAXX 8:Thawing and pasteurisation with room for 8 cartridges

The filling station
The filling station makes it easy to administer the required amount of colostrum into the enclosed sterile colostrum bags.   
The filling station can be free standing on the floor (stand The unit is made from high-quality stainless steel and is    is included), or mounted on the wall, therefore easy to keep clean.

The teat and the probe

A specially designed teat system and a stainless steel probe are can be operated with one hand and are economically designed, handle the calf with the other hand. included for feeding. Both tools making it possible for you to Hoses etc. are included.      

The refractometer
For determination of the content of antibodies in the colostrum a refractometer is provided. The refractometer gives a precise result, so you can easily and quickly determine your colostrum quality, independent of the colostrum temperature.

The refractometer comes in a storage box with pipette and calibration screw.

The straps

The straps make it possible to carry the cartridge with colostrum, both    over your shoulder and as a rucksack, keeping your hands free to handle the calf.   

The straps can be mounted on the cartridge by a simple click.

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