- Model S - Olives Mechanical Harvest


Colossus S is a new proposal over the row self propelled olive harvester for high density and super-intensive plantation frames. Featuring the unique system developed by MaqTec to harvest olives, Colossus S inherits properties: Efficient, harvest in one pass over 90% of the fruit and allows the 24 hour work day, Comprehensive, harvest all varieties under all soils conditions, Safe, does not damage the tree or fruit, Clean, enables the processing of the fruit without additional cleaning. Flexible delivery the fruit on the side, at the front of the machine or over the row.


Colossus S has a fixed frame providing a harvest clearance of 3.7 meters high and 2.4 meters wide. This allows to cope with different farms requirements: 

  • Intensive early stages, 
  • Low-intensive growth or subjected to a regime of continuous pruning, 
  • Frames of high-density (600/833 plants per hectare) 
  • Super Intensive plantations with 4 meters wide rows. 

Equipped with high torque hydrostatic motors, Colossus S has a high performance transmission, allowing to overcome 25% front slopes and 12% lateral slopes. The driving is operated using joysticks and trunck sensors. 

Commanded by the latest generation of hydraulic components, the Colossus of S requires a single operator to develop the efficiency of harvesting.

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