- Header System



The Columbia harvesting header system is customer optimized to achieve highest productivity. In the optimal configuration the cutters are in a kneeling position, the most efficient and ergonomic working position. Each cutter is assigned to specific rows and to a specific in-feed system(s). The header also allows produce to be cut in a conventional working position. The cutters are always facing the produce, making this system suitable for wheeled and tracked drive units. By using tracked rigs the system is not depending on driving furrows or bed configurations.

Due to its innovative design all workers are shielded from weather conditions. Harvesting widths vary from 6 to 16 meters. Depending on the number of packing systems in the harvesting header, capacities starting from 2200 packs up to 9900 packs per hour are achievable. An average productivity of up to 400 heads per worker, per hour throughout the season is realistic. The ergonomically designed packing stations also contribute to this efficiency.

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