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CombCut available in working widths 6 and 8 m, model 6004 respectively 8002. High work rate – can be used at speeds of around 10 km/h. Low draught requirement. Light, wheeled and non-invasive. Low investment cost. Not dependent on weather. Uncomlicated mechanical technology. High reliability and inexpensive spare parts.

By putting a knife together with a metal bar with an opening in the rear end coarse weeds are cut but the slender crop slips through unharmed. Putting several pairs of these on a large metal bar builds up the machines weeding function. Please note that you use CombCut down in the crop combing and cut the weeds leaving crop unharmed. The weeds are then cut near the ground but crop slips through unharmed.

The basic idea is that you can comb and weed your crop with CombCut when:

  1. Crop is slender than the weed. And / or 
  2. Weed is branched (crop is not). And / or 
  3. There are differences in stiffness between crops and weeds 

But of course you can also use CombCut to cut weeds above branched crops like canola, soy or coarse crops like some vegetables.

CombCut’s principle is to help the culture to suppress the weed.

  • Cut the weed to improve the competitiveness of the culture.
  • Machine combs through the culture, cuts the weed, but not the crop
  • A physical difference between the crop and the weed is required.
    • Weed is stiffer than the culture
    • Weed is thicker than the culture
    • The weed has a different branching pattern than the culture
  • If the culture is to thick or cannot be combed (e.g. salad / potatoes):
    • Cut the weed right above the culture
  • Repeat the cutting to prevent the weed from ”recharging”

Is CombCut only for Ecological production ?

  • NO, CombCut is also used in conventional farming
    • To reduce the volume of pesticides
    • Close to spray-free zones (rivers, lakes, fresh water zones and in urban areas)
    • In vegetables
    • To fight weeds that are resistant to pesticides
    • For fighting weed in certain limited areas (”Spot fighting”)
    • To cut weed immediately before harvesting
    • To cut”volunteer crop” from last years seeding
    • To cut seed heads in sugar beats
  • Besides, CombCut can also be used in rainy and windy conditions

CombCut should preferably be combined with other methods

  • CombCut is one of many different methods to fight weed
  • For a sustainable and efficient weed control, different methods should be combined
    • Crop rotation
    • Harrowing
    • Row hoeing
  • With CombCut you don’t touch the soil or risk to cause nutrition leaks
  • CombCut is used during the entire growth stage of the culture

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