- All Weather Tunnel System



The SKOV Combi-Tunnel system is a negative pressure system for pig houses. The system has been developed for tropical and subtropical climate zones with daily and seasonal fluctuations of temperature. The SKOV Combi-Tunnel system combines our LPV and our Tunnel system and ensures optimum growth conditions for the animals even at very high outdoor temperatures.

The system

A Combi-Tunnel system incorporates two air inlet types. The type used depending on the climate outside the livestock house. During colder periods, wall or ceiling inlets are used, whereas very warm periods see the use of large tunnel doors placed at one end of the house. The tunnel doors are supplied either with cooling pads or high pressure cooling in order to cool the incoming air before it reaches the animal area. The air exhaustion in a Combi-Tunnel system also depends on the outside temperature. The SKOV aerodynamic chimney with energy-efficient fans sucks air out of the house, but when the outside temperature is very high, air is sucked out through very large gable fans installed at the opposite end of the tunnel door. This creates a cooling airflow through the house, lowering the house temperature and ensuring that the animals do not get too hot in spite of the high outside temperatures.

The Combi-Tunnel system is controlled by the intelligent SKOV house computer, adjusting the climate on the basis of the temperature experienced by the animals,ensuring optimum conditions for the animals under conditions characterised by frequent and substantial temperature variations.The house computer is modular and can be adapted to the individual production. The system can be extended with alarm and emergency opening, heating, farm management, and air cleaning.

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