- Turn Around Farrowing Pen



Since late 90-ties Vissing Agro has developed and produced farrowing pens for loose sows and has due to this gained experience through users of the system. The multiple input and experiences we have gained have been put into a new “loose sow system”, so that we today have a pen, where management, efficiency and success go together. The measurements of the farrowing pen are 240 x 240 cm and the pen is designed as an angle turned farrowing pen, which facilitates supervision and feeding of the piglets.

The farrowing pen is equipped with crate sides, in order to be able to keep the sow in the crate during the farrowing and the first critical days. Hereafter, one of the crate sides is move along the pen side and the sow can now freely move around in the pen. The large piglet corner is equipped with a blocking panel, which can be raised, in order to facilitate the work in the pen and save time.

The pen can be delivered with a stainless steel trough single or double. Water supply and the drinking nipples are made in stainless steel.

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