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Model Combi-Harrow - Cultivator


The TerraTech Combi-Harrow is a high output heavy duty cultivator designed for larger horsepower tractors. It can produce a seedbed for sugar beet or cereals in just one or two passes and comes in a size range from 3– 6m mounted hydraulic folding and 6-10 m trailed hydraulic folding. The heavy duty front roller firms the ground to enable the tines to work more efficiently. The following four rows of hydraulically adjustable robust jackpot tines or S-tines are designed to work the soil to the top. Then a levelling boards consolidate, crush and level the soils. Finally another roller presses and smashes the soil into a fine tilth, completing the consolidation of the ground and preventing excessive moisture loss between the workings.


  • 3m – 10m folding models
  • Choice of front roller with heavy duty greasable bearings
  • Four rows of heavy duty jackpot tines
  • Levelling board
  • Choice of rear roller with heavy duty greasable bearings
  • 2 section fold for easy point replacment
  • Transport width for mounted machines max 2.5m
  • Transport width for Trailed machines max 3m

Options for rollers

  • Coil
  • Crumbler roller
  • Tyre packer
  • Steel Packer

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