- Model P - Tiller Cultivator



COMBI-P tiller cultivator is an ORIGINAL machine suitable for tractors with power ranging from 90 to 200 HP; very versatile machine suitable for use with the simple spring system or with the spring system and hydro-pneumatic system combined. Machine used for the cultivation of land with dry or humid loose packed soil, mixed soil or land mainly consisting of stones.


The combined operating system generated by the combination of spring-loaded tine cultivators and hydro-pneumatic tillers exploits the elastic characteristics of the springs and the rigidity of the pistons that connect the working bodies to the frame.

The NO-STOP safety system rapidly resets the working order after an obstacle.

The shares have sharp edges to break soil containing a high number of clods without upsetting the stratigraphy and guaranteeing the best possible working conditions.

The mechanical bodies are positioned so as to prevent the machine from getting stuck and the tractor from sliding; they increase the inertia and forward speed of the tractor and constantly guarantee perfect grip on the ground.


High operator safety level thanks to the structure of the machine which is designed to prevent any risk or hazard during use.

Maximum operator comfort during use thanks to the combined system that absorbs and reduces vibrations making it more pleasant to drive.

High energy saving provided by the high dynamism of the combined working system thanks to which the machine absorbs less power and the tractor consumes less fuel.

The machine is extremely simple to use thanks to the operating system that makes it suitable for different applications.

Excellent results and increased productivity of the land thanks to the combined operating system and working bodies designed and developed for improved tilling and airing of the soil.

Great reduction in maintenance costs thanks to the highly reliable structure of the machine made of high mechanical resistance steels.

Excellent, valid and safe, investment thanks to the machine's characteristics that guarantee a long lifetime and excellent working performance.


Tested both on mixed type soil and moderately loose packed soil with silt and clay.  The working bodies till and break-up the macro-clods in just one operation thanks to the excellent action which uncovers weeds exposing them to the atmospheric agents thus devitalising them.  This type of process allows water to penetrate uniformly into the ground and airs the soil.

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