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Model COMBI-T500 and COMBI-T500GM - Combined Drum Mower



The COMBI-T500 and COMBI-T500GM combined mowers consist of three mowing elements with 2 drums, one frontal and two lateral, for front linkage to a tractor with front P.T.O. In this case a mowing width of up to 5 m can be obtained, thus considerably reducing work times. For rapid haymaking with exactly the right level of humidity, the COMBI-T580GM model is provided with roller conditioner, which ensures uniform rapid drying.

For road transport of the mower, the side elements are lifted by means of hydraulic pistons.

When the ground is damp or marshy and you require quick reliable mowing, the drum system is the best choice. With its simple but solid and sturdy construction, the drum has a fixed supporting axle and appropriately sized transmission assemblies. The lower “idle” disc, which rotates freely, prevents the cutting disc from sinking into the soil, thus adapting to unevenness in the ground. The aims of optimal mowing – perfect cut, reduced impurities in the fodder and turf care – are all achieved. Neat rows and optimal fodder flow are further advantages of the drum mowers.

Our strengths: stability and safety.

Our combined mowers have been constructed to ensure machine efficiency in any working condition. For this reason the three mowing elements (one central and two lateral) are independent and jointed, permitting constant adaptation to the ground also in the case of depressions or when mowing on different levels. A safety device prevents the mower from working at an angle of over 35° in order to protect the universal joint. In the event of a fault in the hydraulic system, a further device prevents the raised lateral element from suddenly collapsing.

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