Combi Tanker



We refer to our tankers used for transport as combi tankers. With its lextensive and complete equipment the combi tanker is the optimal link in the slurry chain in order to further improve the spreading of slurry. Equipped with vacuum technology or even with one of our eccentric screw pumps the vehicle can be filled actively. The sophisticated chassis which was especially designed for high loads offers safe and comfortable manoeverabillity when driving on the street.

Turntable steering

The turntable steering ensures an excellent overrun when driving on the street and prevents vibration. Pressure is taken from the coupling and prevents knocking of the drawbar.

Suction Hose holder

For the clean transport of hoses. Mudguard made of plastic serves as a splash guard and is delivered as a standard and a permit to travel at 40 km/h.

Eccentric screw pump

Equipped with the eccentric screw pump Ex 200/120 all advantages and performance ranges of the pump tanker can be transmitted on the transport tanker. The pump is powered via a cardan shaft which at the turntable is bridged with an angular gearbox.

Vacuum equipment

Design with vacuum compressor with a performance of13.500 l/min. The compressor is driven by a hydraulic motor. The system has all necessary safety devices like a safety cover valve, a float valve and a pressure relief valve. 

Docking device

Device to quickly transfer the slurry with a suction arm at the distribution tanker. Equipped with a plastic funnel in NW 200 and hydraulically operated valve which secures that the slurry is not spilled out.


The axles of the combi tanker series are designed for high loads for an operation on the street of 40 km/h. The tankers are stabilized by parabolic springs. For even higher loads we offer reinforced axles with 3.500 kg more load capacity per axle. For better manoeuvrability and less wearing on wheels and axles a third steering axle can be ordered.

Dome cover

For filling the tanker from above there are different filling domes available. You can choose between hinged lids with Ø300, Ø400, Ø470 and a sliding lid. For filling the tanker without descending there are also hydraulic versions available. 

Tanker counting device

For contractors or machines on lease we offer two varieties of counting devices (load counters). You can choose between a mechanic counter mechanism or an electric counter mechanism. The mechanic counter mechanism is operated via an ALB controller. The electronic counter mechanism is absolutely tamper-resistant and additionally offers the function of a resettable counter which counts the daily output (similar to a trip meter in cars).

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