InterPuls S.p.A.

- Model 350 - Claw Milking Cluster


Lunik350is the new claw designed by InterPuls for high genetic cows milking.Its modern design makes this product rather appealing and guarantees a high milk evacuation capacity without foam, thus ensuring a stable vacuum level.

  • High evacuation capacity
  • High vacuum level stability
  • Practical and ergonomic
  • Differentiated milk inlets for a perfect adaptation to modern morphologies
  • Balanced bracket and lower bowl adjustable by 0, 90,180 and 270 degrees
  • Anti-cross contamination separation cross
  • Better adhesion on the nipples thanks to the floating Pulsation cross
  • Linear internal design to guarantee An effective cleaning
  • Maintenance free
  • Food grade plastic material resistant to acids and to high temperatures
  • Shock-resistant
  • Faster milking
  • Less stress for the animals
Capacity: 350cc
Cover: Stainless Steel
Shut-off: with or without valve
Bracket: standard or ACR
Pulsation Cross: Side by Side or Front/Rear
Milk Outlet tube ID: 16mm
Milk inlet nipples OD: 13mm or 15mm
Milk Inlet nipples shape : diagonal or straight cut
Milk Inlet nipples angle: 30 or 45 degrees
Weight: 600g

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