- Model FT+ - Routine Compositional Raw Milk Analysis System



CombiFoss FT+ offers all you need for payment and dairy herd improvement analysis by seamlessly integrating MilkoScan FT+ and Fossomatic FC. The Fossomatic FC performs somatic cell counting and the MilkoScan FT+ delivers results for a range of crucial parameters including Urea, Fat, Protein and Fatty Acids.

At the cutting edge of quality control of milk

Dairy One, a leading milk testing laboratory in the USA has benefited from the high accuracy and fast turnaround time of the MilkoScan™ FT+

Welcome to the automated laboratory
Automated operations help the Qlip central milk testing (CMT) laboratory in Zutphen, the Netherlands, keep up with evolving demands while providing a more flexible quality control service for farmers and dairies.
Two leading technologies in one integrated system

CombiFoss™ FT+ combines the proven technologies of Fossomatic™ FC and MilkoScan™ FT+.
Fossomatic™ FC is based on the flowcytometry technology. This technique is based on counting and characterising particles and cells.
MilkoScan™ FT+ is based on Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis. It works with the mid-Infrared region of the spectrum from 3 - 10 µm corresponding to 1000 – 5000 cm -1.

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Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ networking software from FOSS lets your specialist team configure, manage and monitor your FOSS equipment via the Internet.

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Integrated software platform

MilkoScan™ FT+, Fossomatic™ FC and CombiFoss™ FT+ share the same powerful Foss Integrator™ software platform offering advanced data handling and storage facilities for traceability while a common user interface promotes more efficient laboratory operations.

Rapid and effective analysis

Self cleaning pipette makes it easy to measure even the most difficult samples with speed and efficiency

Temperature-controlled liquids for somatic cell count to optimise staining and cleaning

Flexibility to analyse milk from buffalo, sheep, goats and cows

Radio Frequency Identification for barcode sample ID

Software platform (FOSS Integrator IMT) for ease of use, result-handling and traceability

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