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Combine Paddy Harvestor


Combine Harvesters are designed for harvesting Soyabean, Wheat, Paddy etc. crops.These are modern machines enabling efficient and pure harvesting of crops even in very difficult field and climate conditions. These harvesters are equipped with dependable engines. All regulations and maintenance opeartions are highly mechanised and centralised. Window panes are provided to ensure perfect visibility in the direction of the whole harvesting unit. The control of the systems,steering mechanisms and working units is very simple. These harvesters can be used in the day time and at night. Combine Harvesters are very efficient, universal & economic machines especially in view of their overall dimensions and weight.

  • Fast, loss-free cutting under all conditions and in all crops, together with a fast even feed to the thrashing drum.
  • 100% thrashing with high concave separation without grain or straw breakage.
  • A Straw Walker System that separates the last grain from the straw.
  • A Cleaning System that is capable of handling the crop fast and cleaning perfectly.
  • High Capacity Grain Tank with fast unloading.
  • A high level of comfort to reduce driver's fatigue during long working hours.
  • Simple, uncomplicated adjustment of the complete machine. Excellent access to enable thorough cleaning of the combine and a machine requiring low maintenance.
  • A truly universal combine that is capable of thrashing several varieties of crops such as Soyabean, Wheat, Paddy, Oil Seeds, Gram etc. very efficiently.
  • A constantly high output under all conditions, with the lowest possible losses.

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