Combined Mini Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine


Tractor drawn attaching to read works by the movement of the tractor pto. Our self-oiled machines except PTO and 12 volt power battery ,from the tractor does not want any requirements. Lift the drum unit and stars all units of the external machine with a hydraulic system is working Electronics – Power control allows a range of dismantling and removal of beet automatically adjusts the height. Net 2 tons of storage that can receive and reach a height of 370 cm and placement of the loading process is easy and can do in a short time. Our machine has Test Report of Konya Selçuk University Faculty of Agriculture.

Height: 3700 mm.
Width: 2170 mm.
Length: 3900 mm
Weight: 1800 kg
The Distance Between Wheels: Min:2025 / Max:2250 mm
Loading Height: 3700 mm
Tire Size: 11.5 /80 – 15.3 14 layers
Tail Shaft Speed: 540 rpm
Moving Speed: 2,3 ve 4 Slow Gear
Work Capacity: 1.5 -1.9. da /h
Head Cutting System: Spring-loaded Comb System
Storage Capacity: 2 Tons
Second Row Preperation Unit: Reductor Cleaning Unit
Color: Red

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