- Model CR - Seed Bed Preparation Soil System



2/ ROULEAUSANGE 600 roller for the efficient consolidation of preparations (a fundamental criterion for cultivating in simplified mode,combined with sowing from the rear of the equipment). In this case, use the TAPIR 105 packer on a drawbar. Thanks to its rear 3 point hydraulic lift, the COMDOR  CR allows you to adapt seeders for the sowing of automn and spring crops.The COMDOR CR has unrivalled working stability,thus offering high operating speeds and correspondingly high work rates.

COMDOR CR is made with very heavy and solid frame,and  components as follow are fitted on it  :

  • vibro tines GD 32*12 (Model V) or DS 25*25 (Model C) with big clearance
  • or discs 430 (Model D) for shallow cultivation,
  • 2 models of rollers back :
  • 1/ ROLNEC 500/11   .

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