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Two rotating directions: clockwise and anti-clockwise. Every time that the brush starts, it turns in the opposite direction. Movement: up/down. Ergonomic shape and extra long brush-axis. Ideal for brushing a large surface and for brushing hard to reach places, such as head, tails, implant and side. Price € 1,350.00 excl. VAT, postage paid to your door in the Netherlands. Available from stock.

Common features of the ComfyCow brushes:

  • The working height is adjustable to small and large cows;
  • The brush can be mounted both to a pole and a wall thanks to a well designed bracket;
  • Solid state switch (switched on and off without mechanical contacts) in the engine terminal box;
  • Maximum thermal protection thanks to temperature sensors integrated in the engine;
  • Minimal wear thanks to full ball bearings.

Dimensions 1200 x 715 x 465 mm
Brush diameter ø 450 mm
Brush length 760 mm
Power supply 230V
Hourly consumption 0.12 kW
Weight 81 kg
Rotation speed 30 rpm
Movement Up / Down
Direction of rotation Clockwise / Anti-clockwise

Would you like to know your annual savings when using the ComfyCow brushes?
This simple calculation shows the difference between the ComfyCow brushes
and any other supplier’s brush to be selected by you.
The icon [i] provides help or explanation.
Imagine the following:
1. You pay € 0.11 per kWh in electricity costs;
2. The average cow brush from another supplier has a consumption of 0.37 kWh per hour
3. and has a purchase value of € 1,725.00 (excl. VAT).

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