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The Comia is the result of the experience gained from the sale of over 40,000 Sampo Rosenlew combines and the wishes and expectations of our extensive network of customers regarding the new generation combine. Like all Sampo combines, the Comia is an outstandingly efficient machine, but it also has an eye-catching modern design. For the new Sampo Comia, we have taken the best features from its predecessor, the Sampo 2000, and the bigger 3000 series combines.”  “Because Sampo-Rosenlew Ltd has always been close to the customer, we have been able to utilise all feedback in product development, production and service.”

  • 4-cylinder Sisu Power engine, 150 hp
  • 3.9 metre cutting table
  • Premium Plus cab
  • threshing cylinder with 7 rasp bars
  • 3,700 litre grain tank
  • four-step straw walkers, 4 pcs
  • high-power straw chopper, 3,300 rpm
  • front tyres 520/70R34
  • rear tyres 360/70R20

The Comia's cab is detailed and modern.

The cab design is contemporary without compromising on functionality. Our customers’ wishes are clearly evident in the cab design. The cab ergonomics have been improved, for example, by integrating the multi-function traction lever in the new armrest and locating the instrument panel on the pillar at eye-level. The most important harvesting controls are positioned within easy reach on the control console.

Comivision -standard equipment on each Comia model

A real information centre has been fitted in the cabin's right column. Using the Comvision display, you can see all the necessary information on the combine and the engine.

The Comvision colour display is more than a mere display. It is a combination of an operating computer, loss indicator and engine indicator display. It will also display potential warnings from the threshing machinery. The system also includes area measurement. Other features include, for example, automation of the pick-up reel. If you want the pick-up reel to rotate slower or faster than the operating speed, you can adjust it using the Comvision display.

traction lever has all the feel of a bigger combine

Test harvesting with the Comia in real conditions met all the test drivers’ expectations. Although the Comia models are mid-sized, they have the feel of a bigger combine: fast, quiet and powerful.

The gentle hum in the cab, together with the integrated traction lever control create a unique feel for this size class.

Cutting Table
Better harvesting performance starts at the cutting table

Improved productivity starts right here. The result of years of pioneering product development, the Comia cutting table delivers reliable performance with all crop types and in all conditions. It provides an optimal, smooth feed with both long and short crops. The cutting table geometry and the optimal distance between the knife and feeder auger are the results of decades of dedicated product development. The large diameter of the feeder auger and the plastic tines of the pick-up reel also give the assembly unsurpassed performance. The Comia accommodates table widths ranging from 3.1 to 5.1 metres to suit your requirements.

The Comia series uses modern screw-on knife sections to ensure quick and easy replacement in the event of knife damage. The knife’s double fingers, made of sturdy cast iron, function as the counterpart for the knife sections. Each Comia combine is supplied with a spare knife, and the table frame comes with a handy knife storage space.

The knife is operated by a virtually maintenance free belt-driven Wobble Box drive.

Feeder Auger

An even feed is vital to achieving an optimal threshing result. The large diameter of the feeder auger used in the Comia series tables prevents entanglement in even the most demanding conditions. Heavy duty fingers ensure an even feed to the feeder elevator. Starting from the 3.9-metre tables, the number of fingers along the feeder auger has been increased to cover the entire table width. This ensures an even feed also with wide tables and higher material volumes.

Each feed finger has a break groove. The groove is a simple solution to protect the auger shaft from stone damage: a bending finger will break and fall inside the auger without damaging the threshing mechanism or shaft. The feeder auger is equipped with a sliding coupling to prevent stones and other foreign objects from entering the threshing mechanism. The sliding coupling also protects the table drive mechanism from damage.

Pick up reel

The Comia’s plastic pick-up reel tines ensure an efficient and gentle feed also when harvesting laid-down crops. If a plastic tine breaks off due, for example, to stone impact, the threshing mechanism will not be damaged in any way. The tine angle can be easily adjusted with the handle located on the left side of the cutting table.

All cutting table and pick-up reel functions on the Comia series are controlled electrically from the cab.

The new Comia features over 500 new parts or improvements designed to increase threshing power, such as new heavy duty variator shafts. Despite their efficiency, the threshing cylinders are gentle on the grain. A second cylinder is available for the more powerful Comia SR C8 model. Use of the cylinder increases harvesting capacity by over 20% – without needing to increase the size of the combine or its engine. The mechanism’s cleaning doors and bearing grease nipples have also been made easily accessible.
Feeder Elevator
All models in the Comia series are equipped with a durable three-chain elevator. The heavy duty suspended elevator bottom roller is also suitable for maize harvesting. A large capacity stone trap is located on the upper end of the elevator. The trap can be easily cleaned without going under the elevator. Large inspection doors provide easy access to the maintenance points.      
Threshing Sylinder

The 50 cm diameter and 111 cm wide threshing cylinder separates the grain easily and carefully. The eight bolted rasp bars ensure that every last grain is separated. The Comia’s threshing cylinder with its cast iron flanges lives up to its heavy duty reputation. The robust cylinder never slows, even under peak loads.

The Comia’s concave is specially designed for threshing. The concave wires are designed thin for accurate threshing. The concave wires are also thinner than the holes they are inserted into, enabling the wires to vibrate and thus keep the concave clean at all times and in all conditions. When harvesting special crop types, such as maize or sunflower, a general-purpose concave can be used. The concave features thicker wires, and the spacing between the wires is also greater.
Higher capacity with a pre-threshing cylinder

The pre-threshing cylinder enables higher machine capacity without increased machine width. Depending on the conditions, a Comia C8 equipped with pre-threshing cylinder is up to 20% more effective compared to a single-cylinder combine. The pre-threshing cylinder significantly evens out the material flow to the main cylinder, enabling more efficient threshing. Under optimal conditions, up to 40% of threshing takes place at the pre-threshing cylinder. The resulting smoother threshing process notably reduces grain breakage.

The concave located under the pre-threshing cylinder has identical threshing characteristics to the main cylinder. The advantage over other combines equipped with a pre-threshing cylinder is that Comia’s pre-concave can be adjusted separately.
Straw walkers - One pair ahead of the rest

Sampo Rosenlew combines are famous for their excellent performance in the wettest Northern European conditions. In such conditions, a combine’s performance is almost always determined by its straw walkers. The Comia series features the four-walker C4 model and the five-walker C6 and C8 models. Sampo Rosenlew is the only combine manufacturer offering a five-walker combine in this size class. Threshing tests indicate that adding a straw walker pair can increase walker performance by up to 10%.
CSP Ruffling Drum

If harvesting is performed in damp conditions or if the crop is green, high straw walker performance is essential. Sampo Rosenlew’s CSP (Cylinder Separation) ruffling drum is located above the straw walkers and is designed to increase the separation capacity of the walkers. In Finnish harvesting conditions, the CSP ruffling drum increases walker performance by up to 20%. The ruffling drum spreads the straw flow over the whole chaff hood, which notably improves separation. The CSP drum is equipped with robust fingers which can be adjusted to suit different field conditions and crop types. The drum is protected by a sliding coupling, speed monitor, and peeling plate.
The largest shaker shoe area in its size class

The largest shaker shoe area in its size class provides clean grain in all conditions. The total shaker shoe area is 3.40 square metres. The chaffer is of the modern lamella sieve type, RV2, with every other lamella bent down. This efficiently prevents straw fragments from entering the grain tank, and with the bent-down lamellae, you can use more open sieve settings to increase threshing power.

The grain sieve is of the hole sieve type. The combine delivery includes three sieves: a 5-mm sieve for harvesting turnip rape and other small-grain crops, and 12-mm and 16-mm sieves for almost all other normal crop types. Other sizes are also available to meet specific customer needs.

An adjustable grain sieve is also available. The adjustable grain sieve is a fine RV3 lamella sieve. Its lamellae are half the length of standard models, which allows a higher number of lamellae. Like the upper sieve, the new RV3 sieve increases threshing power while delivering exceptionally clean grain.

To ensure efficient chaff removal, sufficient air flow to the shaker shoe must be provided. This is performed by a large-diameter, high-power fan. The fan speed is controlled electrically from the cab. For small-grain crops, a by-pass door at the bottom of the fan can be opened to reduce the air flow to the shaker shoe.

Returns are transported via a separate returns route on the left side of the Comia. By utilising the returns route and thrashing the returns in an efficient re-thrashing device, the load on the threshing cylinder can be reduced. In addition, this prevents grain damage since thrashed grain is not re-transported to the main cylinder.
High power straw chopper

The Comia series uses the famous Rekord straw choppers. The swinging-knife straw chopper cuts even the thickest straw layers efficiently. The large straw spreader spreads the chopped straw over a wide area. The chaff length can be easily set by adjusting the counter knifes.

If you practice no-till farming or reduced tillage methods, the high-power straw chopper is a must. Instead of the 3,300 rpm speed of a standard chopper, the high-power straw chopper speed is 3,900 rpm. The high-power straw chopper’s rotor diameter is also larger, resulting in higher circumferential speed of the knives.

Disabling the straw chopper is easy, e.g. for harvesting uncut straw. To obtain long straw, turn the straw spreader up, lower the straw chopper, and remove the drive belt from the pulley.

Pioneer in cleaning

Easy cleaning is one of Comia’s key productivity improving features. The straw walker bottoms, grain pan segments, sieves and grain tank augers can be easily removed from behind the side guards and each component cleaned separately in the field. The Comia’s cleanability is a key advantage, particularly for seed growers and organic farmers.
Grain tank

The easiest to clean grain tank on the market. This is a key feature that all Sampo Rosenlew operators have come to appreciate and to demand. The Comia’s grain tank can be cleaned without tools in field conditions. This superior cleaning characteristic is enabled by the unique W-bottom structure of the grain tank. This simple structure features two separate bottom augers that feed the grain to the unloading auger. Such a simple structure also ensures short unloading times. All tank augers can be pulled out without using tools.

The Comia can be fitted with a range of grain tank sizes. In Finland, the C4 model can be fitted with a 3,700 litre grain tank. The C6 and C8 models come with 4,200 and 5,200 litre tanks respectively as standard. A large cab window ensures excellent visibility of the tank from the cab. Visibility is further enhanced by a grain tank working light, which can be switched on from the cab. The tank features a diaphragm-type level sensor with audible alarm system. The grain tank level can also be monitored via a loss indicator.

In Finland, the standard unloading height for all Comia models – C4, C6 and C8 – is 3.40 m, although a 4-metre unloading height option is also available.

The unloading pipe can be swivelled and discharge started via the multi-function ITT lever integrated in the armrest. This makes unloading notably easier, especially when carried out while driving. The function allows you to concentrate on the main harvesting operation without shifting your focus from the crop.

Advanced 6-cylinder Sisu Power runs at low speed

With its low noise and fuel consumption levels, the Comia’s new powerful Sisu Power 3rd Generation TurboDiesel engine is more environmentally friendly than ever. High torque at lower engine speeds and smooth running ensure optimal combine operation. The engine compartment’s innovative design guarantees ease of use and maintenance.
New engine technology delivers the following benefits

  • Self-cleaning rotating engine inlet screen, virtually maintenance-free
  • Latest emission standards compliant
  • Same output at 200 rpm lower speed
  • 10% lower fuel consumption
  • More torque at lower engine rpm
  • Ease of maintenance: fluids drainable from ground level
  • Sampo 24/7 filter kit with serial number for easy ordering

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