- Model 3240 - Tomato Harvester



The CTM Commander, designed for operation at 70 tons per hour (depending on field and crop conditions,) lowers harvesting costs by providing more production from each machine.

Greater Recovery

The Commander’s patented recovery reel and 2-stage shaker system are unequaled at tomato recovery. There is simply no better combination to minimize harvest losses. Shaker frequency is easily controlled for optimal performance for any variety and in all conditions.

Clean Harvest
Two-way dirt belts, outfitted with 32 channel dirt sorters, are standard equipment. High efficiency, 30'direct driven suction fans remove loose vines and trash through 14'diameter tubes, providing the maximum CFM airflow in the industry.

Operator Visibility & Controls
The operator platform is designed to provide the driver with clear visibility of the harvesting operation. Header controls are mounted on the steering column. Bulk loader, speed control, and other functions are located within easy reach to the right of the driver.

The 225 hp 6068HF Tier III John Deere engine, in conjunction with 4-wheel hydrostatic drive and 4-wheel steering results in an easy-to-maneuver, reliable machine with plenty of power to spare.

Long Life
Using the highest quality materials and a professional level of manufacturing ensures the harvester will produce for you now and into the future.

Standard Features

  • 4-Wheel steering
  • Automatic machine leveling
  • Endless aftersort belts, 38” width
  • Two-way dirt system conveyor, 32 channel
  • Patented recovery reel for superior vine agitation
  • Patented 2-stage shaker unequaled at tomato recovery
  • Tread widths of 60, 63, 66, 70, 72, 76 or 80 available
  • John Deere 6068HF Tier III diesel engine
  • Limited slip traction control system
  • 30” Rotor suction fans for superior performance
  • 40 Channel colorsort
  • 32” wide rear cross reservoir for non-stop
  • trailer transitions
  • One-man swing away elevator
  • 13.00 x 24 radial tires
  • Fold-up catwalks for easy transport
  • 3-Speed ground drive system for increased road ability
  • Heavy duty ground drive motors for unsurpassed
  • reliability and torque
  • Long-life urethane coated shaker tines
  • Remote grease banks


  • Sickle, Rod Weeded, Disc Pickup
  • 2-Weight or 3-Weight Head
  • Vine Shredder
  • Dual Color Sort System
  • Air Condition Cab

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