Commercial & Agricultural Systems


Mainstream's systems are well-suited for commercial and agricultural applications. Our systems can be sized to meet your specific requirements, or customized for additional required capacity. Commercial and agricultural systems are available in customized 0.9 to 2,300 cubic metres (200 to 506,000 gallons) per day sizes. Mainstream manufactures and installs customized systems for a variety of commercial applications. Utilizing the same technology as our municipal water treatment plants, Mainstream's commercial systems can handily meet or exceed Saskatchewan Health or Saskatchewan Environment regulatory standards even when treating the most problematic raw water. Similar to our municipal treatment plants, Mainstreams' commercial systems can be sized to deliver 400 to 500,000 gallons per day of exceptional quality drinking water.

  • Treats iron, manganese, lead, mercury, colours, odour, dissolved organics, tannins, pesticides, viruses, parasites, cysts, oocysts, and a lot more!
  • Proudly Canadian owned. Manufactured for the toughest-to-treat water.
  • The green treatment solution - no chemicals required.
  • 17-year research history available.
  • For commercial, farms, agriculture, municipal and cottages.
  • The most effective water treatment technology on the planet.
  • Based on natural processes.
  • Minimal inputs.
  • Produces little wastewater compared to conventional technologies.
  • Gravity-based system operates with minimal power.
  • Proven in the field for over 17 years.
  • Adapts to your water and will work on even the toughest-to-treat water.
  • Offers distinct advantages for Outfitter and other Remote Operations.
  • Modular design supports future demand changes.
  • Can be sized to meet all water requirements.

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