Commercial Hopper Bins



Our Commercial Hopper Bins are built for long life and ultimate ease of unloading. Sidewalls, stiffeners and fasteners are of the same specifications and quality as our traditional commercial bins. The roof is assembled from extra strength steel panels for additional protection from blowing rain and snow. Supporting columns are wide-flange beams with heavy-duty tie-rod braces bolted solidly to the steel substructure.

Superior Roofing Options

  • Z-Way™ Structured Roofing System
  • Non-structured Roofing System
  • Super deep roof ribs, full double-overlap
  • Durable galvanized designs

Durable Sidewall Panels

  • 2.66-inch (6.76 cm) corrugated steel panels
  • Commercial grade galvanized coating
  • G-90 standard coating
  • G-140 optional coating
  • 3/8' sidewall bolts, layered for strength
  • Secure, easy to install valley punch pattern

Powerful Stiffener Columns & Support Rings

  • Perfectly matched and engineered
  • 2-stiffener per panel design
  • Standard external stiffeners

Strong Support Legs/Columns

  • Wide-flanged beams
  • Heavy-duty tie-rod braces
  • Solid steel substructure

Hopper Cone Steep-Slope Options

  • 45-degree slope for 15-24' bins
  • 40-degree slope for larger diameter bins r 60-degree slope for 15-21' bins
  • Large 14-inch (35.56 cm) discharge port
  • Heavy duty rack & pinion gate design

Reliable Fasteners

  • High-strength, zinc-coated fasteners
  • 3/8' (9.5 mm) sidewall bolts
  • Bolt options up to commercial grade 8.2
  • Water-tight neoprene seal on roofs and walls

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