Commodity Belt Trailers



Let's face it, you want to get as many loads in as possible. With the Commodity Express® you unload 3 times faster than with Live Bottoms. It's the most efficient self-unloading bulk trailer on the market today. And you do it with Western Trailers'® revolutionary lightweight design and lasting, attractive appearance.

Easy to use? You bet! In fact we designed it with the operator in mind. It's the most hassle free and user friendly trailer on the road. Just ask anyone who's used one.

Need more reasons to get serious about the Commodity Express®? How about a low center of gravity for a better ride and more stability. Our unique 3 chain system for unloading packs the power and durability to stand up to any conditions, and comes standard in all three belt widths of 24', 34' and 48'.

  • 48' Wide Belt 42', 44', 48', 49.5', 53'
  • 34' Wide Belt 49.5', 53'  
  • 24' Belt (Potato Trailer) 49.5', 53'

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