Compac Sorting Equipment Inc.

- Single Lane Sorters (SLS)



Compac SLS (Single Lane Sorters) have the unique ability to pack off both sides to save valuable floor space. With capacities from 1 to 5 tons per hour, SLS solutions are ideal for smaller packers or to add flexibility to larger facilities. Singulation options to suit budget, capacity and fruit requirements. Pack off both sides to maximize flexibility with minimal floor space. Minimum transfer distances for the best possible fruit handling. Modular design. Quality stainless and powder coat finish


Compac SLS sizers have been used in many ways;

  • As a main grader
  • Installation of multiple machines for larger facilities to improve flexibility, packaging logistics and labor efficiencies
  • To pack second class fruit in line with a larger sorter
  • As a specialty line to handle small batches or different packaging such as bags, punnets or specialty trays

Packing systems for SLS machines include;

  • Pack tables
  • Rotary tables
  • Volume fill chutes
  • Pack belt tables
  • Trayfiller conveyors
  • Bagging units
  • Bin fillers

Multiple packing systems are easily fitted to any SLS machine and customers have been known to change systems as capacity or packaging requirements change.

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