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- Size Sampler for Standalone Unit



 The Compac Size Sampler is a standalone unit for quickly and easily measuring the size distribution on a sample of cherries. This gives the packhouse information about the crop being graded with the information being automatically recorded against a database for reporting and accounting purposes. 

The Compac Size Sampler uses the same vision systems as Compac’s in-line InVision grading system, allowing for the accurate measurement of the fruit via their diameter. There are options for the Compac Size Sampler to be integrated into a cherry sizing line, where it receives and samples the fruit automatically or as a manually operated unit, where the fruit is loaded manually.

  • Packhouse operators have information on the size distribution being graded
  • Allows for accurate grower accounting
  • Reporting can be exported to a CSV file or directly into a packhouse database system
  • Compac software produces a number of graphs and outputs which can be used by sizer operators to adjust their mechanical sizers based on the information

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