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Model Compact 8 - Fertiliser Spreaders


Compact 8, Bout Width : Up to 8m, Capacity : 234 litres. Outstanding reliability - 3 year parts warranty, Professional finish - Powder coated with stainless steel spreading components, Overlapping Spread Pattern - minimum risk of striping, Straightforward setup - simple rate and pattern adjustment, Easy to clean - removable flexible plastic hopper.

Even Spread, Easy to Set Up, Easy to Clean

Our Spread Pattern has been developed so that when two adjacent bouts overlap, the total amount spread is even across the full bout width.

With our system it is straightforward to drive at the correct bout width by ensuring that fertiliser is thrown just as far as the last set of tractor wheelings.

No rotors to change, vanes to adjust or spread widths to set. Simply adjust the spread rate as described in the instruction book and you are ready to spread.

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