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Compident Automatic Feeding for Pregnant Sows



30 years ago, long before most sty technology companies and pig farmers had thought about group farming, or the legal stipulations regarding it had come into force, Schauer had already started with the development and market introduction of Compident automatic feeding. Schauer is now the global market and technological leader with this system for the individual feeding and husbandry of pregnant sows. The secret of this success is like a beautiful puzzle put together from many pieces. It starts with the right planning, the well-engineered and reliable systems, the functional and user-friendly feeding and management software and extends up to the international support if the worst comes to the worst.

At any rate, it is very gratifying to see that a system like Compident automatic feeding, which was developed for the welfare of the animals, is regarded especially by professional sow-farmers as a motor of economic success and a key technology in pig production.

Compident MLP – the world's most precise feeding system for fattening performance

  • Animal-individual and stress-free husbandry and feeding system for pregnant sows; saves feed quantities of up to 0.5 kg per sow and day.
  • Schauer offers the greatest product variety for stable and dynamic sow groups, for the training of young sows and important additional functions for simple management.
  • Schauer is the world market leader with Compident automatic feeding. 30 years of continual further development guarantee the highest quality and reliability of the machinery and software, thus laying the foundation stone for successful piglet production.

  1. Animal-individual rationed sow feeding thanks to reliable animal recognition with TIRIS transmitters.
  2. Functionally reliable and robust station for peaceful and stress-free husbandry and feeding of the sows. Technological lead thanks to 30 years of continual further development.
  3. Straight passing-through station with controlled entrance door allows departure from the station at any time and substantially increases safety for the animals in the feeding station.
  4. Rotating trough: trough supply into the station only for the feeding of the sows entitled to use it.
  5. No stress in front of the entrance door, each animal can enter the station at any time, thus preventing temporary blockages of the station.
  6. Facilitates sow management by automatic selection of the animals from the group, automatic noise recognition, colour marking, automatic selection of animals without valid transmitters and other additional functions.
  7. Optimal computer-based feeding management. All feed consumption data is updated on a daily basis. Corrections can be made in the feeding strategy (feed curves) at any time. Perfect overview via protocols and graphics and alarm lists. Pig Manager Mobile, the hand terminal for mobile use in the sty permits paper-free sow and feeding management.
  8. Best product variety, the ideal product variant for each set of requirements – for stable and dynamic sow groups, for young sows and for the training of the animals.
  9. Low investment costs and flexible use in new and already existing sties on straw, partial slats or concrete slat floors. No pre-specified building dimensions are necessary.
  10. Highest performance – feeding of up to 80*) animals/station in 16 hours feeding time per day. Highest performance in pig-breeding in practical use.

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