Complete Conveying Screws



On customer drawing, Motridal realizes complete conveying screw consisting of pipe shaft with cylindrical or conical flighting. The wide range of diameters and thicknesses and the possibility to produce and mount both sector-forged and continuous flighting make Motridal able to diversify its production in order to satisfy the requirements of the different applications:

  • In microspirals, requiring accuracy, cleanness and hygiene, such as those used in the food-industry, in the chemical industry and in the pharmaceutical sector;
  • In energy, a widely diversified sector, in which Motridal gets transversally inserted, both by manufacturing shafts and flightings of medium-large dimensions, suitable for being used in the field of the renewable resources, and by supplying shafts and flightings of small dimensions which are used, for example, inside stoves and bio-combustible-boilers;
  • In food, where since a long time Motridal has been manufacturing screws, getting inserted in this activity field as a transversal partner able to supply flightings for machineries whose use changes from the oil and wine producing plants to the fruit and tomato-processing plants, up to the slaughtering and to the meat-processing;
  • In environmental technologies, from the recycling up to the sludge-processing, from the trash-processing to the renewable resources;
  • In agriculture, mixing trucks, cereals’ conveyors, agricultural drillings, manure spreaders
  • Also, on customer request, Motridal includes machining such as pickling, polishing, glazing operations, etc.
  • nell’agricoltura, per spandiletame, trasportatori per cereali e trivellazioni agricole.
  • Inoltre, su richiesta del cliente, sono incluse le lavorazioni meccaniche come decapaggio, lucidatura, satinatura, ecc..

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