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Components for Greenhouse Ventilation


We offer everything you need for construction of modern ventilation systems in greenhouses, livestock facilities and industrial buildings. Using our parts and components, you can build a new ventilation system and complete or repair an already existing system. Our roll-up screens are also a suitable solution for side ventilation.

Fresh Air for Growth and Climate

Along with shading systems, ventilation plays a major role in good greenhouse climate. With a ventilation system, you are able to regulate air supply and air circulation – both important parameters for a consistent climate in your greenhouse. This is what your plants need to flourish.

Our ventilation systems are used in: 

  • production greenhouses
  • retail greenhouses
  • research and institutional greenhouses

Livestock facilities and industrial buildings also profit from our ventilation systems as they improve diverse climate conditions.

Whether you repair, maintain, remodel or construct a new ventilation system, we offer experienced consultation regarding the parts and components to best fit your needs. We offer high quality parts for your ventilation system:

  • gear motors and tubular motors used as ventilation drives
  • gear racks and pinion housings to enable opening and closing of the vent windows
  • clamps used as binding elements in push-pull tube drive systems
  • roller supports for push-pull tube drive systems 
  • Tower Roller Plus used for side ventilations
  • Fiberfilm, a laminated fabric for roll-up screens

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