- Slinger/Ship Loading Equipment


Compton's Jet-Slinger provides capabilities that will greatly increase ship loading speed, flexibility, productivity when handling: Grain, Corn, Soy Beans, Feed Meal, Fertilizer, Ash, Coal, Rock, Palletized Iron Ore, Aggregates, Cubes, Nuts, Coke, Wood Chips and many others.

The Endless Loop Belt has proven to be the most reliable in the industry. Forty Ships have been loaded with just one Compton Jet-Slinger Belt. The versatile 355 Rotation and Variable Belt Speed allows for the ship to be completely loaded without the use of tractors.

  • Indoor & Outdoor stockpiling
  • Shortens Loading Time
  • Fills Entire Ship
  • Constant belt adjustment
  • Eliminates use of tractors
  • High speed for compaction
  • Saves you money

  • Variable belt speeds
  • 355 Discharge
  • Downward discharge
  • 18-60' belt width
  • 40-150 HP electric motor
  • Up to 2000 tons/hour

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