Computrol I Planter Drive



The Computrol I® Planter Drive is designed to put seed population control at your fingetips. Plant too little seed, and you sacrifice yield. Plant too much, and you waste money. Set your population rate and let the hydraulic population drive automatically maintain that rate. You have instant access to target rates, population count, total area and speed.

You can program the Computrol I® for five different rates. For example, 17,000 and 30,600 seeds per acre. You can vary the rate for spot treating areas such as sandy acres where you may want to apply less seed, insecticide and or fertilizer.

There is no more guesswork when calibrating your insecticide rate. If you apply too little, you risk poor insect control: too much, and it costs you profit dollars. You save on seed and other inputs such as fertilizer and insecticide, thereby raising a more profitable crop.

With the Computrol I®, you can do all your maintenance, check calibration of seed, fertilizer, insecticides and herbicides right in your shop during the off-season. This prevents major in-season down time and improves bottom line profits.

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