- Model 20-28 m - Trailed Field Sprayer


This combination of applied genius and functionality makes the Danfoil ConCorde the most attractive and most modern trailed field sprayer on the market. The development of the Danfoil ConCorde has certainly not been compromised. The use of quality components provides long life and low maintenance costs. Well thought out and consistent functionality allows for easy operation and simple servicing. All in all Danfoil ConCorde offers various financial and environmental savings. This sprayer is, of course, available with the patented Eurofoil® spraying concept.

  • Capacity of up to 100 hectares per filling
  • Effective penetration and deposition in dense crops
  • Variable droplet size Low liquid consumption
  • Low own weight
  • 3,000-litre tank with built-in clean and flush water tank
  • Pendullum suspended fibre glass boom, 20-28 metres
  • One atomizer for all spray jobs
  • 10-year warranty on atomizer
  • Prepared for Danfoil Injection system

Capacity of up to 35 hectares per filling allowing for fewer fillings per spraying job. Providing for users optimization of the particular spraying job while saving
precious time.

Effective penetration in dense crops provided by means of the air from the sprayer which will generate turbulence around the plant. Thus achieving good deposition of the liquid all
over the crop, and on the top side and lower side of the leaves.

Variable droplet size enables users to adapt the drop size to the particular spraying job while providing optimal coverage and low drift. The droplet size is controlled by the air
pressure alone – the higher the air pressure, the finer the atomizing.

Low liquid consumption, 30-40 litres per hectare. Is considerably lower in comparison with that of conventional sprayers. Thus providing savings on chemicals and water –
benefiting users and the environment.

Heated water for cleaning is standard on our sprayer, providing optimal cleaning of the sprayer, inside and out.

One atomizer for all spraying jobs as the Eurofoil® atomizer may be used for all spraying jobs, regulating the droplet spectrum merely through changes in air pressure.

Our 10-year warranty on atomizer offers substantial savings for users over a 10-year period. Further, experience shows that the Eurofoil® atomizer will, unlike conventional nozzles,
not require cleaning, adjustment, or maintenance.

Prepared for injection. Danfoil Injection MultiDose 2000 allows for precise dosing of the particular chemical. Only clean water is used in the tank, for quick and simple cleaning. Only the
particular volume of chemical required will be mixed, eliminating the question of any residual volume. Various combinations of chemicals may be used during the injection. The injection system is available with up to six pumps.

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