- Grain Silo Temperature Solution



View temperature data from inside your silos with just a click of a button. That's the ease and flexibility offered with ConcreteSiloCheck. The ConcreteSiloCheck system combines the world's most proven and durable in-grain temperature cables with a user-friendly online account, so you can get vital information you need to oversee your elevators and protect your grain.

ConcreteSiloCheck is configurable to your operation. Cables can be placed in different silos and report data back to a central control panel, and then to your online account for monitoring.

Reliable Cables for Accurate Readings

At the heart of successful grain storage are great cables. IntelliFarms' Digi-Temp® temperature cables are designed to perform and designed to last:

  • Temperature cables take precise digital readings and are accurate to .1° Fahrenheit.
  • IntelliFarms' Digi-Temp temperature cables are constructed as complete, solid extruded cables with UV-rated materials for less wear.
  • Sensor pods are placed every four feet along the cable, and sensors can easily be replaced individually without risk to the rest of the sensors and cables.
  • Sensor pods are designed with weep holes in case of excessive water.
  • Innovative sensor design minimizes drag, leading to the least down-pull in the industry.
  • Cable entrances have water-tight roof seals and are accompanied by brackets designed to minimize and distribute down-pull.

Easy Access to Vital Data

Instead of climbing the silos and probing grain, ConcreteSiloCheck lets you view real-time data coming from the temperature cables from the comfort of your office, home or the convenience of your Smartphone.

  • The system works on all web-enabled devices, including Smartphones, tablets and computers, so you can check your grain conditions anytime, anywhere.
  • Your online ConcreteSiloCheck account is secure and can be customized to your operation, so you can easily view the data to understand appropriate action to be taken.
  • The system will provide you with real-time alerts and notifications via email or text, so you can act quickly if needed.
  • The system allows multiple bins or elevators in an operation to communicate with one another wirelessly, so there is no need to be daisy-chained.

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