- Model PM-400 - Pattern Mill


The Universal Pattern Mill has various applications and features to fit your needs. The PM Series Pattern Mill has the following features:Hydraulic Pattern Control - moves the cutting wheel in the prescribed pattern eliminating the need for cam wheel arrangement prone to slippage or material build up.Interchangeable Pattern Plate - designed with interchangeable hydraulic actuator plates allowing the depth and length of cut to be varied for multiple applications.Interchangeable Pattern Sprockets - Used in conjunction with interchangeable pattern plates, this allows the distance between the pattern cuts to be varied.Interchangeable Drums - A full line of interchangeable drum widths are available to allow the pattern mill to cut rumble strips, make recessed reflector cuts, and recessed white line cuts.

  • Cutting Width: 16'
  • Cutting Depth: 0-.5'
  • Tilt Capability right or left: 0-15'
  • Side Shift Travel: 0-24'
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 1900
  • Minimum HYD. HP recommended : 45
  • Maximum HYD. HP recommended :81
  • # Teeth : 80
  • Optional Widths : 3'-18'

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