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- Model E-25 Series - Compact Manure Spreader


Model E-25 Compact Manure Spreader is Conestoga’s lightest, most economical unit. Built with the same great Conestoga quality materials and attention to detail, it carries a 1-year overall warranty and a lifetime warranty on the apron chain and floor.

  • 8 Rooster Comb Paddles: 8 welded paddles are made of 12-ga quality steel for an excellent spreading pattern.
  • Polyvinyl Floors: Guaranteed for a lifetime, smooth for a better flow and an easy cleanup! Will not rust or rot!
  • T-Rod: The T-Rod provides better durability and performance.
  • Adjustment for Main Apron: Adjusting the main apron chain is easy. Simply loosen two side bolts and turn the front nut to your preference! Easy access for sprocket lubrication.
  • All-Wheel Drive: Our special ratchet clutch drive system very easily unloads your spreader. Whether you are using straw bedding, shavings, or even mixed with hay, the Conestoga unloads smoothly, and there is no wheel drag or slipping!

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