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Conical Auger Bit


Ghedini ‘s Augers can be equipped with a conical bit which is suitable for particular works such as trees planting.Its particular shape allows to create holes with large diameter without going too deep.The topsoil derived by the excavation’s shaking stays in the hole. In this way a soft base is created to place the object to be planted.The particular shape of this bit can be applied also on mini-excavators because it does not need a lot of working power (torque).This conical auger bit can be equipped with Pengo and Widia teeth.

  • it needs few power, so it can work on mini-excavators too;
  • its conical shape allows to obtain a large and not deep hole (such as a cup shape/cut);
  • shakes up the ground leaving the topsoil needed for planting;
  • it can be equipped with PENGO and Widia teeth;
  • the remaining topsoil allows to drain the  water, that otherwise with other kind of holes, would be blocked.

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