Conical Silos


Conical silos are the ideal solution for the storage of grains, seeds, granules and other granular products. The silos are made according to the most stringent standards in the world DIN 1055, EUROCODE 1 (UNE - ENV-1991-4,1998), DIN 18914, NBE EA 95 (steel structures in buildings) and NCSE-02 (Seismic structural strength of buildings). Hot-dip galvanized sheets STE350 450 (450 gr/m^(2) of galvanization) in accordance with EN 10142. Made of corrugated, galvanized sheet of steel with very high strength (3600kg/m^(2)). Supplied and manufactured in accordance with CE directives. Silos are resistant to seismic shaking up to 7 degrees on the Richter scale. Meet the very restrictive requirements concerning the world's burdens (to 150 km/h and snow load (to 80 kg /m^(2)).

Capacity to 3638 m3
Diameter from 4m to 13 m
The height of the cylinder to 27,6 m
Unloading hopper of angle of inclination 45° (available other angles of inclination)

Silos can be equipped with aeration system, level sensors, temperature monitoring system, lateral gravitational unloading, bottom drain valves manual, electric or electro-pneumatic.

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