- Model 6000 - Offset Pasture Topper



The Conor 6000 Semi Offset Pasture Topper is a rear 3pt linkage machine. The Pasture Topper is semi offset when in the topping position and rides independently of the tractor allowing a clean cut of uneven pasture,The topper can be powered by relatively low powered tractors (40 H.P. upwards). The direct drive mechanism guarantees consistent performance at all times.The cutting height is adjusted by setting the slides on either side of the topper. A front guard is fitted to provide maximum safety while the skids on either side prevent the topper from grounding when working on uneven terrain. The overrun clutch can be fitted to the drive shaft as an optional extra.The Conor 6000 Semi Offset topper is multi-purpose, while designed for agricultural use it may also be used for topping sports fields or other local authority areas. It will successfully top in wet conditions and is very effective when topping rushes.

  • Direct Drive ( No Belts)
  • Cutting Width 1.75 metres
  • Shear Bolt Protection
  • Swinging Blades
  • Semi Offset
  • Adjustable Skid Height
  • H.P. Requirement: 40
  • Optional Over-run clutch

Cutting Width : 1.83m / 6′
No. of Gearboxes : 1
No. of Rotors : 1
No. of Flails : 2
HP Required : 40HP

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