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The Conor Vertical Feeder has been developed to incorporate the key qualities that accompany all Conor Machinery – strength, reliability and simplicity. Its robust simplistic design promotes a problem free lifespan and its design ensures a consistent mix which offers high nutritional value and improved yield. It is designed to handle all types of feed efficiently to produce a top quality mix. The end result for the farmer being improved liveweight gain, improved ration quality and control, enhanced animal health, fertility and longetivity, improved milk quality, higher milk yields and reduced labour.

The Conor diet feeder has a specially shaped mixing auger and tub which can handle large round or square bales of silage, hay and straw. The auger performs the chopping and mixing functions in a very simple cycle. The feed is drawn up towards the top of the auger and then falls down to the outside of the diet feeder again to go through the cycle again. This simplistic approach ensures the feed is thoroughly mixed and chopped to the desirable length in a short period of time. The heavy duty auger contains 9 hard wearing serrated blades which combined with its special shape ensure an extensive mixing and chopping of the feed and an even blend of all the ingredients. The long serrated blades made from specially prepared steel are mounted on backing plates for extra support during loading and mixing. The positioning of the doors on the corner of the tub ensures the feed is distributed evenly and that the tub is emptied completely.

  • Two counter blades come as standard, the two adjustable blades
    can be used to reduce processing times.
  • Adjustable hinge trays come as standard at the feed-out doors
    to control feed distribution height. They are connected to the doors so that they come up as the door opens.
  • Conor vertical mixers are fitted with an accurate 4-point weighing system to ensure consistency of the feed ration. The user friendly system ensures that the feed ration is easily managed and the diet closely controlled. Dinamica Generale has a proven track record in the market and the system is more than capable of dealing with the harsh Irish weather.
  • An independent double chassis greatly increases stability and provides optimum support during loading and transport.
  • 2 feed out doors come as standard which allows the feed to be distributed from the left or the right or from both sides.
  • Heavy duty high quality materials are used throughout the Conor Diet Feeder – 8mm plate in the outer body, 20mm plate in the base and 15mm thick plate in the auger.
  • Conor use the heavy duty SOM planetary gearbox. The auger is directly mounted onto the gearbox which ensures maximum use of power easy maintenance and it prevents foreign bodies entering the auger driveline which ensures a trouble free long life.
  • The gearbox is mounted deep into the auger which ensures it is well supported during loading.
  • Wide angle PTO shaft comes as standard with all models.
  • On the CV12000 and CV14000 models twin 235/75 R17.5 wheels come as standard. The twin wheels offer great stability while keeping the overall height low.
  • LED lighting as standard.
  • Large viewing platform comes as standard.

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