- Slootsmid Trailing Shoe



The Conor Slootsmid Trailing shoe system has been developed with a robust and practical design to operate in all types of terrain. The tank, the trailing shoe and the axle are integrated as closely as possible which gives excellent balance and maneuverability. The trailing shoe has a fully galvanized body and a powerful hydraulic macerator which chops up any fibrous material. Its working width ranges from 5 to 9 meters and has a transport width of 2.55 meters. The hard wearing shoe parts and plated springs ensure a constant pressure on the ground which ensures the slurry is constantly applied directly onto the soil. With the trailing shoe system contamination of grass is greatly reduced allowing for grazing 3-4 days after spreading. It has been proven to greatly increase grass yield due to an increased utilization of nitrogen and it allows for application of slurry on higher grass.

  • Simple robust design with a relatively low own weight
  • Fully galvanized
  • Road lighting kit and access ladder
  • Maintenance friendly and easy to use
  • Comes with automatic sequencing valve for hydraulic functions
  • Available in 5m, 6.2m, 7m and 8m
  • Mounted very close to the rear of the tank which makes it very easy to manoeuvre
  • The arms are tilted 15 degrees forwards so that the centre of gravity is moved closer to the rear axle
  • Suitable for short and long grass
  • Stone trap, sight tube and side marker lights come on the tank
  • Can change from trailing shoe to down spread by simply changing a hydraulic hose
  • Leaf springs divide the pressure proportionally across the working width
  • With the proportional pressure distribution the impact on turf quality is minimal and the slurry is applied directly onto the soil
  • There are 25 outlets on the 5m, 31 on the 6.2m, 35 on the 7m and 41 on the 8m
  • 200mm distance between the boots
  • Unique forward folding system moves the weight closer to the axle and prevents the slurry dripping when in transport position

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