- Model BT - Primary Tillage System



The BT Conquest primary tillage tool is an implement specifically designed to meet the challenges of today's producers using conventional tillage methods.

BT Conquest is an affordable tool that combines soil mixing with root ball destruction at a moderate depth with excellent residue sizing and inversion in 250+ bushel BT corn residue.

The new short coupled tillage tool employes BLU-JET Super 1200 Coulters spaced 15 inces apart to achieve the residue sizing operation. High Clearance depth controlled chisel points on MaxPac AR700 Spring Mounts penetrate up to 12 inches deep to boil the soil and displace the massive BT root balls.

The final savings BT Conquest promises to provide for farmers practicing conventional tillage is time. It combines the fall chisel and fall disc pass into one operation. In addition to cutting fall field work in half, it keeps producers from having to compromise by choosing only a chisel pass or only a disc pass in the years where time does not allow for both.

  • Close-coupled, Rugged Frame Design.
  • Total On-The-Go Hydraulic Feature Control.
  • Residue Sizing Coulters and Root-Mass Inversion Chisels on 15' Centers Operate up to 12' Deep.
  • Individually Mounted Discs (no spools) Mix Soil and Biomass with Enhanced Material Flow.
  • Optional Leveling Harrow Finishes the Operation.
  • Backed by the BLU-JET 5-Year Frame Warranty for Years of Dependable Service.

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