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The Swift-Lift extending Contain-A-Vator has been designed to load the container trailers increasingly being used by processors to transport potatoes from farm to factory. However its unique design makes it equally suitable for loading into a store or bulker.

Long reach for easy loading
When fully extended, the elevator comfortably reaches to the front of the container and, combined with the use of the ‘Safedown’ attachment, the crop can be gently delivered close to the front of the container.

Hydraulic adjustment of elevator angle
To adjust the angle of the elevator bed to fill the container, hydraulic rams fitted to the main chassis lift the hopper end of the elevator to achieve the necessary angle for the elevator to feed the container.

Extended elevator bed for controlled filling
As the container is filled, the extending elevator is progressively retracted, with the container being moved forward to complete filling.

Efficient store loading
When used for store loading the built in slewing platform enables the crop to be gently and evenly distributed across the full width of the storage area.

‘Safedown’ reduces damage
For loading into conventional potato bulkers or boxes, the ‘Safedown’ attachment reaches deep into the bulker or box to reduce the drop during the early stages of loading or box filling.

Remote control for added operator convenience
A hand held, radio remote control unit enables the operator to control the main elevator functions, whilst viewing the filling operation from the most suitable position.

High manoeuverability
A robustly constructed, powered, four-wheel undercarriage ensures high manoeuvrability when the elevator is being used in the store. A sturdy drawbar enables the elevator to be moved safely from site to site.

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