Continuous Rotary Debarker



The whole log debarker is customized for capacity and bark levels for your mill the rotor diameter, the number of rotors, the rotor profile and rotor disc spacing are all considered when crafting your machine.

Whole Log Debarker Features
  • Same log flow characteristics as a drum debarker
  • Stringy bark, crooked, small diameter, or contaminated wood easily processed
  • Low loss of usable fiber
  • Highly effective debarking
  • Low energy requirements and relatively low noise levels
  • Open bottom design passes bark readily to discharge conveyor
  • Effective debarking of frozen wood without requiring de-icing
Rotary Debarker Features

Application specific rotors with open/live bottom design.

  • Linear stem management
  • Easily retrofitted to existing wet or dry drum process flow
  • Debarks shorts and tree length stems in the same flow
  • Shorter footprint than drum debarkers
Debarker Suitable Applications
  • Pulp Mills
  • Satellite Chip Plants
  • OSB Plants

The live-bottom rotor design has no plates between rotors to restrict the removal and passage of bark. This results in maximum capacity for the foot-print required. Simple chuting below and a conveyor provide bark removal below the debarker.

Site Specific Design

Each debarker is sized and designed for the specific capacity and bark level requirements of the individual mill. The appropriate rotor diameter, the number of rotors, the rotor profile, and rotor disc spacing are all considered when sizing and designing a debarker, as are log species, diameter, and operating conditions.

Adjustable gate height to control dwell time and discharge of logs from the debarker


Acrowood and our predecessors, Sumner Iron Works and Black Clawson, have supplied debarkers for decades. A variety of mechanical debarker types have been supplied, along with the industry leading (at the time) Bellingham Hydraulic debarker.

Simple, robust drives use heavy duty roller chain and sprockets to drive individual rotors.

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