Hygro Control

Control Humidity Technology for Fruits & Vegetables


HYGRO CONTROL saves costs by reducing produce weight loss. Reduce weight loss and preserve firmness. Dry fog system – Quality high-end technology. Increases humidity without wetness .

Applications : Cold Storage - Controlled Atmosphere - Degreening

Operating Principle :
The HYGRO CONTROL patented technology creates and controls very high Relative Humidity conditions spraying a uniform and dry fog in the storage room. The micro-droplets immediately integrate into the air increasing humidity without wetness both on the products and the room. As a results, stored fruits and vegetables preserve their weight and firmness.

Optimum Performance :
HYGRO CONTROL solutions maintain up to 95% RH during all the storage period, despite variations in temperature from -1 to 70°C.

Cost Savings :
In one season alone, stored fruit and vegetables can lose between 3-20% of volume when stored at 80% RH, depending upon the application. HYGRO CONTROL increases RH and is able to maintain it at higher levels up to 96%, which results in reduced losses by 80%.

Return on Investment :
HYGRO CONTROL's record and performance demonstrate a high return on investment, showing results and profits within the same year. The system is modular and easy to maintain, with low operational costs.

Proven Results :
With thousands of installations around the world, HYGRO CONTROLs solution provides continual humidity control to leading storage facilities. For client references please contact us.

Benefits :

  • Dry fog production
  • Increases humidity without wetness
  • Immediate fog integration into the air
  • Fully automated control
  • Modular system, for a wide range of applications and volumes
  • Low maintenance

Spray Applications :
HYGRO CONTROL atomizer is a flexible solution which can be used for additional applications such as anti-sprouting treatments and anti-bacterial sprays, with minimal clogging. The atomized spray reaches all surfaces uniformly throughout the bulk pile or in the bins. Benefits include automatic controls which enable spraying with no exposure to the employees.

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