Controlled Electro Tractor



The Trackman is a fully induction controlled electro tractor. The Trackman follows its route by a wire in the concrete path. As customers can expect from Buitendijk-Slaman, the Trackman is also another extremely ruggedly built electric tractor with a modern design. Its compact construction gives it a tight turning circle. Because the Trackman specially developed for the induction work, the Trackman has a large torque at low speeds. If the path is width enough, it is possible to use more than one Trackman. Controllers ensure that every line or door on the path is controlled by a wireless connection with the Trackman. The Trackman is provided at the front with a laser head to the safety of people and goods to be able to guarantee.

  • Savings on labour costs.
  • Unmanned transport route.
  • Can be used on complex projects.
  • Laser head for extra safety.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Large torque at low speed.

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