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The industry's most-logical controller solution  - Have you ever tried to use your touch screen phone in the sun? The need for easy-to-read and operate controls continues to be at the forefront of our controller design. Cherry Creek's Boom and ECHO controllers are simple to operate while capable of performing complex tasks. Easy to Program Tough Dependable Upgradeable

  • Technology - Multiple crops can be programmed to irrigate separate parts of the bay using the same Boom. Cherry Creek's Boom controllers are smart enough to calibrate to the bay length and memorize its parameters, making the use of magnets all down the bay a thing of the past. Just key in the location of the crops using feet or meters and the boom will know where you want it to water and how.

  • Step. Stop. Water. Program: Cherry Creek's newest controller feature. This innovative program allows growers to water pots, containers or baskets in the bay. Since the boom can be programmed to step any given distance, stop on each row of pots and water, the grower can accurately control the amount of water each plant gets. This idea has also been incorporated into the Cherry Creek ECHO controller to maximize basket quality.

  • Automation: With a 24-hour time clock chip in every Boom controller, it can be guaranteed that the Boom will water what you want, when you want. It can be used to root cuttings in propigation, add to the greenhouse's relative humidity and in some cases be used to assist in height control. In just a few keystrokes, the Booms can be programmed to water based on the plants specific needs. What ever the need may be, Cherry Creek's controllers have the solution.

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